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Long Term Care Consultation

Long-Term Care Consultation is the title that has been given to the Preadmission Screening (PAS) program. It is the first step you must take if you would like to move from a nursing home or other institution in Minnesota.

The purpose of LTCC is to help persons become aware of community-based options and to assist individuals to make an informed choice about where they want to live. During a face-to-face visit with a social worker or nurse, individuals will be able to discuss what they want and receive assistance if they choose to stay in, or move to, the community. This can include Relocation Service Coordination.

Center for Independent Living will participate on the long-term care consultation team along with the county social worker and public health nurse if asked.  This is a really good idea since the legislation requires that the county let the person who wants to leave the institution know what transition services are available.  Centers for Independent Living across Minnesota will contract with counties to provide nursing home relocation coordination services.

  • Link To Long Term Care Consultation Legislation

  • Link To Targeted Case Management Legislation

  • Each county has identified a Long Term Care Consultant.  Contact your county to request a consultation.

  • Links To MN County Services

    There are Regional Resource Specialists at Minnesota DHS, Disability Services Division that can help you too call (800) 747-5484:

    If you need someone to advocate for you contact the

    Center for Independent Living in Your Area


    The Minnesota Disability Law Center